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FLS and Related Training

2015 Training Opportunities

March 5-6                                              Housing Law Meeting & Training                                 Registration Closed

June 4-5                                                Public Benefits Training - SNAP                                    Register Today!

2014 Training

January 10                                           Recovering Attorney's Fees                                          Registration Closed

February 20-21                                   Housing Law Meeting & Training                                 Registration Closed

June 4-5                                               Disaster Law Training and Meeting                              Registration Closed

June 5-6                                               Consumer Umbrella Group Training/Meeting            Registration Closed

September 11-12                                FBF Children's Legal Services Conference               Registration Closed

October 27-28                                     Health-Senior Law Training & Meeting                        Registration Closed

Be sure to visit the Training section of at for even more opportunities!


2013 Training

January 23-25                                     NITA Oral Advocacy/Motion Practice                          Registration Closed

February 28-March 1                         Housing Law Meeting & Training                                 Registration Closed

April 26                                                 Immigration Law Meeting & Training                           Registration Closed

May 31                                                  Family Law Umbrella Group Training                          Registration Closed

June 6-7                                               Consumer Umbrella Group Training/Meeting            Registration Closed

August 8-9                                           Health-Senior Law Training & Meeting                        Registration Closed

September 20                                     Public Benefits Umbrella Group Training/Meeting   Registration Closed

October 10-11                                    FBF Children's Legal Services Conference                Registration Closed


2012 Training

March 21                                               Disaster Law Training                                                     Registration Closed

March 22-23                                         Housing Law Meeting & Training                                 Registration Closed

April 18-20                                            NITA/FLS Representing the Whole Family                 Registration Closed

May 14-15                                             Consumer and Elder Law Training                              Registration Closed

August 23-24                                       Public Benefits Umbrella Group Training - Tampa  Registration Closed

September 13-14                                FBF Children's Legal Services Conference              Registration Closed

September 13-14                                FBF Children's Legal Services Conference              Registration Closed

October 11-12                                     Health-Senior Law Training & Meeting                       Registration Closed


2011 Training

January 27-28                                     Immigration Training - Orlando                                     Registration Closed

March 10-11                                         Housing Umbrella Group Training - Tampa              Registration Closed

April 12-14                                            Case Planning Training - Tampa                                  Registration Closed

June 13-15                                           Supervising for Excellence - Tampa                            Registration Closed

August 23                                            Public Benefits Umbrella Group Training - Tampa   Registration Closed

September 15-16                               Children's Legal Services Conference                        Registration Closed

October 11-13                                     Trial Skills Training                                                           Registration Closed


2010 Training

November 8-12 & 15-19                    Negotiation Skills - Online Course                              Registration Closed

December 7-9                                      BLAST: Basic Lawyering Skills Training                  Registration Closed

September 13-14                                Health/Senior Training & Meeting                                Registration Closed

September 20-21                                Gulf State Regional Oil Recovery Training                Registration Closed

September 22                                      Community Economic Development Training         Registration Closed

September 23-24                                Public Benefits & Unemployment Comp.                  Registration Closed

September 30-Oct. 1                          CLS Grantees Conference                                            Registration Closed

September 27-Oct. 19                        Affirmative Litigation Web-based Activities             Registration Closed

October 4-5                                          Consumer Law Training & Meeting                            Registration Closed

October 20-21                                      Large Program Pro Bono Conference                      Registration Closed

November 7-8                                     Health-Senior Law Meeting:                                          Registration Closed

                                                                Florida Medicaid Managed Care Training

June 9                                                   Legislative Session Wrap-up Webinar                       Email for details

April 29                                                  Attorneys' Fees in Consumer Cases Webinar        Registration Closed

May 5                                                     Unemployment Comp Appellate Practice                 Registration Closed

June 4                                                   Disaster Law Training and Meeting                            Registration Closed


April 22-23                                            Family Law Umbrella Group Training/Meeting         Registration Closed

February 24-26                                    Essential Skills for Paralegals & Support Staff        Registration Closed

February 18-19                                    Housing Umbrella Group Training                              Registration Closed



2009 Previous Training

June 29 Filing Fee Waiver Webinar On-Demand Replay
June 30 Disaster Law Update/Refresher Webinar On-Demand Replay
October 5 or 6 Food Stamp Modernization Registration is now closed.
October 15-16 Health/Senior Law Training & Meeting Register Here  The Agenda
October 27-30 Basic Lawyering Skills Registration is now closed.
November 5-6 Advanced Topics in Immigration Law Registration is now closed.
December 8-10 Community Lawyering Register Here



September 15-17 Administrative Hearing Skills The Agenda
July 20-22 MIE: Supervising Legal Work  Registration Closed.
June 26 Public Benefits Advocacy Skills Training Registration Closed.
June 8-9 Consumer Law Umbrella Group Training Registration Closed.
June 4-5 CLS Grantees Conference Registration Closed.
March 24-26 Case Planning & Discovery Registration Closed.
February 19-20 Housing Law Umbrella Group Training Info & Registration 
February 9-11 MIE: Supervising Legal Work  Registration Closed.
January 29-30 Family Law Umbrella Group Training Info & Registration

Previous Training

December 19        - DOAH Practice under the new APD Tier System  --  archive replay information forthcoming.

December 11          - Fostering Connections to Success Webinar; click here for the archive.

November 13          - Florida's Children First - Youth Involvement in Dependency Proceedings (2.5 Free CLE!)

                                    - For more information about this opportunity, click here.

November 14          - Challenging Medicaid Waiver Determinations by the ADP @ FSU College of Law

                                    - For more information about this opportunity, visit

                                    - To register for this training, visit this link.

November 18-21   - FLS/CLAE Affirmative Litigation Training in Orlando

                                    - For more information about this opportunity and to register, visit 

December 8-10     - FLS/NITA Deposition Skills Training in Orlando

                                    - To see the agenda, click here. (Microsoft Word format)

                                    - Registration has closed.

November 7               - FILAA Advanced Immigration Practice Training in Orlando

October 22-24          -Florida Civil Legal Aid Statewide Meeting of all Foundation Grantees -- The Quest for the Best 2008  

September 24-26   - FLS/CLAE Community Lawyering Training in Orlando

                                    - For more information about this opportunity and to register, visit

June 4 - 5             - FCADV Affordable Housing Institute

                                     - Statewide training on federal, state and local housing programs, building partnerships for permanent housing, transitional housing models, working with Public Housing Authorities

                                      - For more information, visit                  

June 10 - 13           - FLS Presents the Basic Lawyering Skills Training in Orlando

                                     - Registration has closed.

                                    - For more information, visit

June 11 - 12            - FBF Childrens Legal Services 2008 Conference

                                     - For full information, visit  Registration has closed.

May 15             - FIAC|FCADV|BCLA Immigrant DV Survivors CLE

                              - Watch this space for video/materials archive: 

March 13         - FLS Health & Public Benefits Advocacy Skills Training

March 20         - LSNF/FIAC/FCADV Immigration and Domestic Violence CLE

                                - Maria Jose T. Fletcher, Esq. of Florida Immigration Advocacy Center

                                    & Professor Meg Baldwin, Refuge House

 February 29      - Medicaid Webinar 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

                                - Presented by FLS

                                - More information and archived presentation: Click here.

                                - CLE information is not quite available yet.

 February 27      - Unemployment Compensation Training

                                - Presented by CLSMF

                                - Register by 2/8 -- Full information is at:

 February 7-8      - Housing Issues in the Current Economy: A Hands-On Approach

                                - Presented by FLS

                                - For more information, visit

 January 22        - Individuals with Disabilities Education Ace (IDEA) Training

                               - Presented by the Florida Equal Justice Center with CLE available

                               - 10:AM - 4:40PM, Colonial Bank, 114 Tennessee Ave. N., Lakeland, FL 33801

                                - For more information, call Paula Holiday at 239-277-7060 or click here for a flyer

 January 25         - Defending Immigrant Rights 101: Detention, Deportation and the Criminal Justice System

                                - Presented by Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center (FIAC), Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), & Florida Immigrant Legal Aid Alliance (FILAA)

                                - For more information, visit

 November 29, 2007

                                - Master Trust Webinar

                                - For more information and to view archived training, visit

                                - Contact Jimmy for CLE information


Legal Services attorneys in Florida are eligible to take part in FLS's CLE Tape Lending Library.  Click here for more information.

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