Legal Umbrella Groups


umbrella groups

 Advocates in Florida's Civil Legal Aid system use Umbrella Groups to collaborate.
The idea of Umbrella Groups is to combine resources and share expertise in order to develop specialty areas to address common legal problems of the poor in Florida.
In practice, this philosophy translates into three specifics:

1. Promotion of communication among individual people committed to working on
common issues, and support for addressing those issues in other geographic areas;
2. Enhancement of attorney and non-attorney substantive expertise and;
3. Pursuit of statewide advocacy, litigation and community
education addressing common issues affecting poor people.
Florida's Umbrella Groups meet & communicate on a regular basis to discuss litigation and advocacy. They pursue litigation and advocacy on behalf of clients across the state. The Umbrella Groups provide technical assistance to legal aid organizations, pro bono attorneys, and other advocates for the poor all across Florida.  The Umbrella Groups also develop and conduct trainings and assist in the development of community education materials.
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